Becoming Responsible

I’ve never really been much of a planner or been very organized. I tend to just take things as they come, and I think I do OK. But lately, my life has been pretty busy, and I’ve realized that I could probably make some improvements to optimize how I prioritize things and spend my time. I’ve been dreading this, though :).

Basically, I recently realized that, in a given day, I rarely accomplish what I set out to. And I think it’s because I suck at prioritizing things. I end up getting sidetracked and neglecting what I really should be doing.

I also generally have a vague feeling in the back of my head that I’m forgetting something. This stress never really allows me to relax, while I try to juggle everything in my head. Planning and getting organized could really help me here.

My Plan for Success

I’ve always known that I’m a poor planner and am disorganized, but I’ve never before put a plan in place to get better (do you see the chicken and egg problem here?). Today, I figured I would go against my nature and put a loose plan of action together. Here it is:

  • Wake up 30 minutes early, at least 4 times per week, to plan my day
  • Time-box my activities. Plan ahead of time how much time I’ll spend on things. If I can finish early, I just got time back!
  • Segment work and life. When I’m at home, unless I didn’t finish something at work, tell that “vague feeling that you should be doing something for work” to go away

The plan is to try this out for two weeks and then go from there.

Until next time.